Testimonials from Facebook

All testimonials are available to be seen on Facebook, and are responses to videos of live performances.


A.S. Michigan, USA. Such great musicianship! August 2017 G.D. California, USA. Jazz guitar at its finest, Cory. August 2017 M. B. Professional musician from Brazil
This is my friend Cory Sea, playing João Bosco with his incredible guitar. Congrats my lovely friend…Amazing!!! This is MUSIC!!!!!
J.M. Sao Paulo, Brazil. beautiful!!! as always!!!
C.K. Portimao, Algarve, Portugal ( SIR CORY SEA , YOU ARE A
R.H. NSW, Australia. If I was out on a romantic dinner date, I love you to be playing at the restaurant Cory. July 2017
M. B. Bauru, Brazil. As always, marvelous Cory Sea!!! June 2017
A. C. Lisboa, Portugal Top..!!!! June 2017 M. B. Bauru, Brazil. Sensational!!! May 2017
P.M.C, Portimao, Algarve, Portugal. You are great ,thank you Cory Sea May 2017
Z.S, Portimao, Algarve, Portugal. Bravooo!
M.P.M. Ferragudo, Algarve, Portugal. Simply delicious… T.I The best at playing jazz in portugal. A great guitarist!
P.J.S Master Cory Sea. Words what for??
C.C. Beautiful as always.
R.L. 4/3/2019 Cory Sea always presents us with music of great quality and excellent performance. Congratulations and Thank you very much
N.L. 4/3/2019 Impeccable!
J.D. 4/3/2019 Thank you Cory, supreme !
J.G. 4/3/2019 A beautiful performance on guitar!!! I love it..!
T.H. 20/5/2019 Cool jazz .it sounds like Joe pass stuff. it’s true art. Great job Bro.
B.H. 20/5/2019 Brilliant Jazz guitar.
C.B. 21/5/2019 Wow! Such a gift. Very beautiful! D.P. 21/5/2019 A true virtuoso Cory Sea!

V.C. 21/5/2019 A true Master Mr. Cory Sea, thank you!!
H.S. 21/5/2019 Cory Sea, what a beautiful thing! Great technique! Great phrasing! After some reincarnations, I will play like this.
C.M.C. 30/5/2019 Beautifully played dear Cory, master performance. J.G.C 31/5/2019 How beautiful. Congratulations!
R.W 3/6/2019 You keep lighting up our lives man, Awesome
T.I 16/08/2019 For me, with 60 years as a professional musician, with an international career, I can say that this gentleman, without a doubt, is the best jazz guitarist and vocalist, that I have had the privilege of seeing and hearing, playing in bars and restaurants, a marvel… ..congratulations
D.I. 22/9/2019 A delight!
Z.S. 25/9/2019 No comments dear Cory Sea, just gratitude for having the opportunity to listen.
C.S. 25/9/2019 Excellent, maestro. Always excellent!
G.R. 28/9/2019 Stella- one of my all time favorite tunes – man you play it beautifully. love listening to you – your touch and tone – amazing!!
P.L. 29/9/2019 Cory Sea, a gentlemen with words and a master on the guitar.
H.S. 29/6/2020 Dear, Cory Sea, I started my activities for the day listening to this delicious version of the classic Poinciana. Your rereading was VERY BEAUTIFUL!
I think I can now include your recording among the 10 most beautiful recordings I’ve heard of this song.
Damn! What a beautiful long chord solo, with an accelerated cadence within the theme you did! Very beautiful!
Another thing: you sing beautifully, in that Chet Baker tradition, that restrained singing, with a slight vibrato, which is very expressive and revealing, exposing in a conversation with tone and chosen words the internal speech of the character in the song. Very beautiful!
Congratulations! I’m your fan. Luc Maes
Believe me, during the solo, I don’t know if it’s because of the octaver, but it’s as if I heard you singing every note you played, and the vocal, so full of emotion, reminds me of Chet Baker, thank you very much for that pearl.

D. I. 02/11/2020 A great and sophisticated performance, Cory. Bravo!
P.J.S 2/11/2020 AMAZING!!!
A.S. 3/11/2020 “Such great artistry!
W. B. 03/11/2020 “BRAVO, The sound, approach, playing and arrangement are just wonderful.”
T.G 16/11/2020 Moment of poetry, romanticism, beautiful number!
You guys play a lot, and the singing is beautiful!
T. G. 02/11/2020 His sensitivity and mastery can make any song even more beautiful! Congratulations, always! Enchanted…
J. F. 02/11/2020 Dear Cory, this performance is wonderful. The intro is also beautiful! I really liked it, thank you for the experience!
E.K 2/11/2020 . That is beautiful and original, Cory. Like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing.
W. B 2/11/2020 BRAVO, The sound,approach,playing and arrangement are just wonderful!
J.N. Listening here a thousand times, dear! How delightful!
E.F. Wonderful friend Cory Sea, thank you, what riches! Beautiful.
T. G. 02/11/2020
His sensitivity and mastery can make any song even more beautiful! Congratulations, always! Enchanted…
J. F. 02/11/2020
Dear Cory, this performance is wonderful. The intro is also beautiful! I really liked it, thank you for the experience!
E.K 2/11/2020 That is beautiful and original, Cory. Like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing.
W. B 2/11/2020 BRAVO, The sound,approach,playing and arrangement are just wonderful!
J.N. Listening here a thousand times, dear! How delightful!
E.F. Wonderful friend Cory Sea, thank you, what riches! Beautiful.

D.I. 11/9/2021 With this great musicality that is your signature, Cory! Bravo
L. R-A. Soothing, relaxing and most beautiful music…thank you!!!
E.L.L 20/9/2021 Speechless!
T.G 21/9/2021 How soft this beautiful melody is, it goes to the soul!
F. A. 21/9/2021 Superlative performance!
S. M. 22/9/2021 Beautiful playing.
K.W. 21/9/2021 Perfeito!
V M Moderator-Jazz Guitarists International 3/10/2021
Man this still blows me away Cory! Thanks for posting and reminding me how awesome it is. It is so original how you are playing in a rubato feel but staying so in the pocket. Your singing and playing are just spot on. Incredible!
C.C 2/10/2021 “I wish I could sing like that!”
U.C. 4/10/2021 “Super fantastic!! Muito bom! Incredible! Maravilhoso. How awesome it is. Thanks so much.”
T.G. 8/10/2021 “Que belo arranjo para essa música eterna! Obrigada amigo pela beleza!”
V.M. 18/10/2021
That amazing Cory! Both your singing and playing! Such a natural relaxed feeling you have playing this difficult tune. Kudos my friend!!
A.W. 18/10/2021 Excellent, Cory. Beautiful playing!
H.S. 19/10/2021 Cory Sea, my friend, you are great! Sings beautifully, knowing how to use your voice on long notes with or without vibratos; the timbre of the voice is beautiful. And as a guitarist, he’s amazing!
It is sophisticated in harmonies and solos, but it is not cold and exhibitionist as those who only show the technique, its harmonizing and solos convey feelings.
I’m your fan! From here there are some reincarnations, practicing, I hope to reach your level, congratulations.

F.S. 01/11/2021 Cory Sea,what a beautiful thing!
What sensitive phrasing! The notes are all connected without the slightest choking, highlighting the blue notes at the end of the intermediate phrases, great technique. Congratulations!
I’m your fan.
A.V. 29/11/2021 Amazing. Bravo!
F.N. 29/11/2021 You are a monster, my friend!
R. D. 29/11/2021 Cory Sea you make me jealous! Very good!
G.M. 13/12/2021 Another small masterpiece, Cory. Thank you!
J.F. 13/12/2021 Good sound, good feeling. I could listen all night!
F.A. 13/12/2021Warm notes that envelop you in the cold of the imminent winter and color the days with the shades of the deepest feelings. Well done Cory and well done to the other musicians.
T.G. 13/12/2021 Having lunch with this beautiful music is equivalent to being in a beautiful restaurant with an intimate show!
N.F. 28/12/2021 Amazing playing!
D.H. 28/12/2021 What a treat, Cory!
J.C.M. 28/12/2021 Always marvelous. This testimonial is from the founder and administrator of the Facebook Group “Amantes de Bossa Nova.” This group has 87,000 members.
J.C. 10/01/2022 Dear Mr Guitar Man Cory Sea, magnificent interpretation, very good taste with such a beautiful composition by Carlos Jobim!!!
V.M. 10/01/2022 You just own this song Cory Sea !! I love every version you have posted. Love the pianist as well. You guys sound awesome. How lucky the patrons are to hear such great music.
H.D. 10/01/2022 It’s always good…..a start to the night for us…..Good Sounds Always
F.A. 24/01/2022 As always your warm notes soften the mood of another cold winter day. Thanks Cory

J.B. 24/01/2022 It’s always MAGIC to hear and see these HANDS SINGING.
K.N. 24/01/2022 Wow. So beautiful, Cory!
T.G. 7/02/2022 Want a better way to start a day? The softness and delicacy of this interpretation of such beautiful music is enough to make you happy!!
L.B. 7/02/2022 Hi Cory., very good interpretation and excellent sound and extraordinary in your guitar and singing. Greetings!
S.N. 21/02/2022 That was awesome!
T.G. 21/02/2022 Always putting on a high class show!
P.M. 21/03/2022 Wow Cory Sea such a lovely great and swinging voice and very well structured solo. Congrats my dear friend.
D.I. 21/03/2022 Always a pleasure to listen to your music, my friend Cory! You are a Master!
T.G. 21/03/2022 Always beautiful music, excellent arrangement, special musicians!!!
C.M. 04/04/2022 Beautyfuuuull interpretation of this Jobim masterpiece!
V.M. 04/04/2022 Wow just beautiful as always Cory. You have such a natural feel playing in this style. Such a pleasure to listen to!
S.B. 04/04/2022 With you, everything turns out beautiful…dear Cory!
F.N. 26/04/2022 What depth, master.
A.B. 26/04/2022 Concert version that only a great musician can create. Congratulations!
N.D. 09/05/2022 Such a beautiful peaceful tune with a great voice!
V.G. 09/05/2022 You are amazing, your band is fantastic, congratulations!
P.F. 09/05/2022 Awesome performance. Congratulations
M.S. 09/05/2022 Wonderful! You are so good!!
C.T. 09/05/2022 So much delicacy, how beautiful.

J.F. 23/05/2022 Dear Cory, I really like your performance! Desafinado is one of the hardest standards for me when I have to improvise while playing. I learned a lot from this recording and I will watch it many more times!
F.C. 23/05/2022 Sensational, Master.
S.N. 06/06/2022 Awesome instrumental.
H.D. 06/06/2022 A precious Hit…..I keep it in my heart
D.I. 06/06/2022 Master level!
R.D. 20/06/2022 As always, fantastic, but too dark. I want too see your fingers!
M.D. 04/07/2022 Beautiful tune, beautiful playing, beautiful tone!
L.F. 04/07/2022 Very well done, dear friend, the sound is magnificent, it reminds me for moments of Pat M. in the delicacy of the swing between the notes/scales,, magnificent atmosphere, bravo
D.H. 04/07/2022 Wow, Cory, you are such a great musician!
Z.C 18/07/2024 Great show dear Cory.
G.R. 18/07/2024 Great sound Cory. That should get you lots of gigs!
A.S. 18/07/2024 Mas Que Nada is one of my all time favorites. Loved it!
D.I. 1/8/2022 Bravo, Maestro Cory! Sophistication and depth.
B.K. 1/8/2022 Thank you, I woke up to this song played by you, as always, it’s a pleasure, congratulations and a hug. This praise is from a very well know Portuguese musician.
D.I. 15/8/2022 Beautiful execution and feeling, Cory. Congratulations, Maestro!
N.C 15/8/2022 Pure art, Cory.
A.S. 15/8/2022 Always beautiful performer. This praise comes from a musician who tours as a pianist with Ivan Iins.

H.K. 29/8/2022 Amazing, Cory!
A.B. 29/8/2022 Always perfect!
P.M. 29/8/2022 Great voice and great playing mate! This praise is from teacher of jazz guitar at the Hot Club in Lisbon, and a great player.
J.D. 12/9/2022 You are Gershwin, as talented with your musicians as you are!
T.G. 12/9/2022 Could not be better. Congratulations!
R.B. 12/9/2022 Beautiful theme and wonderful interpretation, congratulations!
D.I. 26/9/2022 Impeccable harmony, luxurious interpretation. Bravo!
G.R. 26/9/2022 Beautiful tune. Great playing.
R.B. 26/9/2022 Love the sound of that guitar. You play it so well. Great vocals too!
I.B. 10/10/2022 You both sound amazing!
J.D. 10/10/2022 Very good friend and the singer also liked it a lot hugs for everyone
E.P. 10/10/2022 Beautiful interpretation by this wonderful singer. And you Cory, as always, crushing the harmony and good taste.
M.Z. 24/10/2022 Gorgeous as always Cory!!! Quite inspirational
R.J. 24/10/2022 This is a masterpiece played by a Master. You’re Awesome!
P.M. 24/10/2022 Amazing souding and your feel maestro
V.R. 7/11/2022 Congratulations You Are The Best . A warm greeting from Bologna.
A.C. 7/11/2022 Great solos. You’re the man!
T.G. 7/11/2022What a delightful melodic line! Softness and grace, I loved it, thank you!
C.K. 21/11/2022 I love the blues! Well played and a fine bass player!
J.F. 21/11/2022 This duo is perfect! The sound and proportions are very good. Congratulations Cory, and your bassist colleague is great too!

J.M. 21/11/2022 Beautiful sound and just fine and balanced arrangement… now and then little touches of some virtuoso playing… great!… and great Cory!
M.L. 5/12/2022 Cory , you are unique. That makes you very special.
T.I. 5/12/2022 Without a doubt, the best guitarist there is, playing jazz in Portugal, I say this with knowledge of the facts because as a drummer I had the privilege of accompanying musical geniuses, in Switzerland at New Morning Stan Getz, in Rio, Maysa, Elis Regina, etc, etc. , congratulations Maestro, it’s a delight to hear your music played, with so much sensitivity, and musicality, only the greatest, gentlemen of world jazz come to your beach…. Congratulations. This testimony comes from a drummer living in Portugal.
A.F. 5/12/2022 Another level. I feel like a little brat who doesn’t play anything watching your videos, master. Thank you for sharing with us.
R.B. 19/12/2022 How wonderful; Cory Sea, you two achieve an impeccable and perfect sound.
J.F. 19/12/2022 I like it very very much! The tone of the lady singer is beautiful, and the sound of your guitar is also a typical Cory Sea sound. Congratulations and thank you for the good music!
T.G. 19/12/2022 What a show! Good morning with this delicious number.
A.C. 3/1/2023 Two monsters of the guitar. Congratulations to you both!
P.M. 3/1/2023 Beasts of the guitar!\
J.M. 3/1/2023 Harmony and melody in perfect synchronization. Great. Congratulations.
J.F. 16/1/2023 My friend Cory, your guitar playing is also amazing, I love it! I noticed a particularly nice chord change at 2:29, “Cm7” to “Gmaj9”.
S.I. 16/1/2023 Very, very beautiful, Cory, I really loved it, congratulations.
M.D 16/1/2023…I didn’t know that John McLaughlin was in the Algarve. WOW!!!…

C.N. 30/1/2023 Wonderful music like two birds having a fun conversation in a beautiful sky!!
R.B. 30/1/2023 You both sound great. The singer is marvelous!! I always look forward to your posts.
C.S. 30/1/2023 Great stuff!! Your playing is beautiful as always, and she sounds a lot like the woman that used to sing with Jobim.
N.C. 13/2/2023 Mr. Sea, there’s no way not to be your fan!
F.C. 13/2/2023 Fantastic player!
S.W. 13/2/2023 I like this better than the Benson version! (He is commenting about Cory’s live performance of “Breezin.”)
D.I. 27/2/2023 What a beautiful voice and performance! Bravo, Cory!
A.S. 27/2/2023 The lamp is low but the light still shines xxxxx god bless you sirs. (comment on a live duo performance of the song “The Lamp is Low”).
F.N. 13/3/2023 Competence, elegance. precision and feeling !!all the best maestro!!!
E.V. 13/3/2023 If I were the waiter walking around, I would be fired the same day. Because I would be sitting in front of you, watching the show and not doing anything else. Congratulations Cory. As always so beautiful.
D.I. 13/3/2023 Outstanding, Cory! What a pleasure to listen to you!
U.C. 27/3/2023 I adore you my friend! Very beautiful! Super fantastic indeed. Big hug!
J.M. 10/4/2023 You are too good friend. As I am a musician, I am also a critic. And there is no flaw to point out. Congratulations. A lot of success for you.
P.F. 24/4/2023 Joyful and refreshing, a true sunset on the beach. Beautiful harmony.
T.G. 24/4/2023 Good morning! It’s great to hear a Luiz Eça song!
J.T. 8/5/2023 How marvelous! I arrive in Portugal in July. I look forward to hearing you in person.

G.R. 8/5/2023 Beautiful version – you guys sounded great!
N.G. 8/5/2023 Love your voice and talent on the guitar!
M.S. 22/5/2023 Another beauty!
T.G. 22/5/2023 Wonderful music and interpretation!
R.B. 22/5/2023 Love your singing and playing. Sublime. Thanks for sharing.
D.I. 22/5/2023 Outstanding, Cory. Great feeling and performance.
D.T. 5/6/2023 A happy song and a perfect performance. Bravo to both of you.
P.M. 5/6/2023 Always excellent feeling, maestro.
C.S. 5/6/2023 Sounds amazing.
D.A. 19/6/2023 I listened as if heaven wanted to say something. Thank you for building feeling with soul.
R.S. 19/6/2023 Perfection! Thank you Cory.
J.M. 19/6/2023 Intro is a treatise of harmony in itself…reverb just right amount and depth…voice soulfull but still detached…comping is perfect…you got it just right!
P.P. 3/7/2023 Great playing, your sound sometimes reminds me of Jim Hall and John Abercrombie, great phrasing and sound.
J.N. 3/7/2023 Dig your singing, man…
P.P. 3/7/2023 Just wonderful!
E.L. 17/7/2023 Soul soothing…Beautiful!
A.O. 17/7/2023 After the crazy pandemic, I am very pleased to hear from you again. Congratulations, Cory! I hope you don’t deny me the satisfaction of the complimentary comment. Anyway, I reiterate: congratulations!!!
S.V. 17/7/2023 What an amazing space holder you are…blessings.
N.P. 31/7/2023 Beautiful rendition of a classic.
E.F. 31/7/2023 Your marvelous guitar. By the way, great presentation from everyone.

T.G. 31/7/2023 Good morning, with this delicacy, it’s impossible not to like it!
M.H. 14/8/2023 Best yet….Powerful and dynamic…A++
D.I. 14/8/2023 Outstanding, Cory. What a Maestro you are!
V.R. 14/8/2023 Congratulations, Cory, For your talent and to the drummer: Who with His Rhythmic Base; He made the frame for your musical painting.
R.B. 28/8/2023 Cory, you’re amazing!
J.F. 28/8/2023 I love this track so much and you play it so well Cory!
F.C. 28/8/2023 Bravo what a sound!
C.S. 18/9/2023 Wonderful, my dear friend. Full of balance and flavour.
D.I. 18/9/2023 Magnificent, Cory. Bravo to all!
R.B. 18/9/2023 I adoro this theme and your version with Andre Sarbib is simply marvelous…!
F.L. 3/10/2023 Beautiful performance and exquisite tone!
M.H. 3/10/2023 Beautiful music to my ears….You really conjure up the sun and warm some souls, you’re very good.
K.L. 3/10/2023 A delight to listen to. Really awesome, Cory!
V.C. 15/10/2023 A marvel. Thank you for sharing!
F.C. 15/10/2023 Excellent, bravo. What a voice. Top!
D.I. 15/10/2023 Outstanding, Maestro Cory. What a pleasure to listen to.
V.R. 30/10/2023 The most beautiful version I’ve ever heard. congratulations on the technique.
J.G. 30/10/2023 I really like your smooth and serene way of playing the guitar..!!! You feel like closing your eyes and dreaming.
T.G. 30/10/2023 With your personal touch, even better!
A.C. 13/11/2023 Great Cory. Amazing solo as usual!
D.I. 13/11/2023 Excellence in music, Maestro Cory!

Testimonials from Management

Venue Staff and Customer Testimonials

Venue Staff and Customer Testimonials
Mr. Brian (customer at Arte Bar, Albufeira). A
beautiful August evening, listening to some cool music by Cory Sea.
Cool, Cool, Cool !!! August 2017
G.S. (Waiter at Sensimar Hotel, Lagos) I love the style of music. Mr. Cory is a very good musician. I adore his performances! August 2017
Elaine from Gloucester, UK. (Sensimar Hotel, Lagos) A lovely mellow sound, as we enjoyed breakfast in the sun! Great guitarist! August 2017
Ross, London, UK (Sensimar Hotel, Lagos).
Beautiful music! August 2017
P.R. (Customer at Arte Bar, Albufeira) I really liked his music. It was a real pleasure.
August, 2017
J.F (Customer at Escondidinho, Ferragudo and professional musician from Brazil) Since I met you I saw that you are a great guitar player and a great musical inspiration. Grateful for the music that you offer us. August 2017
P.A. Chefe de Vendas • Head of Sales, Monte Santo Resort, Carvoeiro
Dear Cory,
Thank you so much. It was great to have you here! Everyone loved the performance from the Trio! Was perfect!We’ll keep in touch and anytime we’ll have the need to live music we’ll contact you! December 2018

Cory Sea is one of the most amazing jazz guitar players ive ever heard. He has a unique style with a right hand picking/ finger technique that ive not encountered before. I could listen to him play all night and still want him to continue.
He is a true gem of a musician that has somehow remained relatively hidden until now. Anyone who has not seen Cory play is certainly missing a Jazz experience that is quite rare.
 Its been an honour to repair his instruments for him.
Kevin Nitrovane
Luthier and guitar tech for Hank Marvin, Mark Mc Entee (Divinyls), Cat Stevens, Jeff Martin

Youtube Testimonials

All Youtube testimonials are available to be seen on my Youtube channels.

Rura58. How wonderful !!! Showwwwww!!!! Lots of technique and knowledge congratulations for the beautiful work!!! May 2016
Trombonology Erstwhile. A superb take on one of Jobim’s greatest! I always appreciate your personalized arrangements, Cory.
Summer 2016
MrCliveDavies Exquisite fingerstyle jazz guitar, playing and weaving the notes around the melody so beautifully – your fabulous music deserves a huge worldwid audience. Warm greetings from Spain, Cory,Clive Summer 2016
Tristan Sweet. Hi Mr. Sea! Your guitar tone is excellent, your playing is also excellent!
It’s always a treat to hear your playing. You make everything look so easy. Killer riffs!
Rura58. Congratulations…. The sound you get from the instrument touches few people’s souls
they have this sensitivity and this competence, embrace
Trombonology. 04/03/2019 Virtuosity-but in service to the song! I could point to this one as a lesson in how to be a consummate guitarist: beautiful lines and comping.
T.E. 10/9/2021 Dazzling playing, Cory — both soloing and comping. One of the best takes I’ve heard on this great tune.